Photo Courtesy Of Benilde Committee On Student Involvement
Photo Courtesy Of Benilde Committee On Student Involvement.

SIU invites students in stellar adventure into #BSOrgLife with SI Week

Benildeans took a trip to their chosen galaxies with Student Involvement Week from the Student Involvement Unit (SIU) and Benilde Committee on Student Involvement (BCSI). #SIWeek1Stellar

By Casey Delvo | Thursday, 7 October 2021

The Benilde Committee on Student Involvement (BCSI) welcomed frosh and old students alike into the #BSOrgLife with an adventure through the stars in this year’s SI Week with the theme “STELLAR: Where Extraordinary Journeys Begin,” from Sept. 27 to Oct. 1.


SI Week is a bi-annual event that introduces students to the College’s different organizations. Different organizations hold games, giveaways, and other exciting activities to showcase their respective identities, missions, and community life. Currently, there are 39 Accredited and Recognized Student Organizations (ARSO) in the College.


The organizations are categorized under four clusters. The Academic-Based Cluster consists of 21 organizations that center around the different programs offered by the College. The Special Interest-Based Cluster’s five organizations are based on hobbies and interests that many students may harbor. 


On the other hand, the Socio-Civic Based Cluster offers seven organizations with advocacies and civic duty at its heart. Finally, the SIU Recognized Student Organizations consist of six organizations that aim to serve the Benildean student body and community in a myriad of ways.


A trip through the stars

This year’s SI Week kicked off with a stellar opening program. Hosted by ID 119 Consular and Diplomatic Affairs student Gallahan Ventura and ID 119 Human Resource Management student Athena Gundan, the program opened the floor for the different organizations to put their best foot forward in an open mic setup. Along with this, there were promotional videos and introductory messages from each organization’s president. 


Between these open mic segments were performances from the College’s official resident chorale group Coro San Benildo and official resident dance company Saint Benilde Romançon Dance Company (SBRDC). Moreover, the audiences were delighted by the performances from ID 119 Music Production student Gabby De Castro, ID 120 Multimedia Arts student Hana Adriano, and ID 119 Music Production student Matthew Auditor


From the moment the ship took off on Sept. 27, organizations have pulled all the stops in bringing their content to prospective members. These included fun trivia games, TikTok dance videos, and even giveaways. Much like in previous SI Week events, each organization had their own sub-theme. 


The themes were chosen as they represent the organization’s identity, while also being aligned with the event’s overall theme. From time warps to grand adventures, each organization brought something exciting to the table.


After a week of activities, this year’s SI Week concluded on Oct. 1 with a closing program that recapped the week's events and the College’s different organizations. The program was also taken to encourage last-minute adventurers to sign up for their chosen organization before the portal closed for the term.


BCSI is the committee responsible for coordinating between Benilde’s various ARSO organizations and the student body.

Last updated: Thursday, 7 October 2021