Cover Photo By Danni Lim
Cover Photo By Danni Lim.

SIU recognizes 39 student organizations for A.Y. ‘21-’22, encourages Benildeans to join accredited orgs

Despite the limits of the online modality, the Student Involvement Unit, under the Center for Student Life, called on students to participate in the Benildean Community through the 39 accredited and recognized organizations for A.Y. ‘21-’22.

By Krissy Sanchez | Saturday, 11 September 2021

The Student Involvement Unit (SIU), under the Center for Student Life (CSL), released the 39  Accredited and Recognized Student Organizations (ARSO) for A.Y. ‘21-’22 via Benilde mail on Sept. 10.

The official list of accredited groups decreased by one compared to the previous academic year’s 40 organizations, with 39 of them being reaccredited. Only the organization “Young Benildean Professionals” was not reaccredited.

The memorandum released by SIU thanked the Benildean Community for supporting organizations’ programs and activities. The unit also encouraged Benildeans to volunteer and become student leaders by being involved through student groups and associations.

In the previous academic year, SIU divided the organizations into nine categories with one cluster per campus and a cluster for governance, special interest, volunteers, and varsity. 

Meanwhile, the new list of accredited organizations was only categorized into four clusters: Academic Based, Special Interest-Based, Socio-Civic Based, and SIU Recognized Student Organizations.

The accredited and recognized student organizations for A.Y. ‘21-’22 are as follows:

Academic Based Cluster

  1. Animotion
  2. Association of Information Management (AIM)
  3. Benilde Arts Management (BeAM)
  4. Benildean Deaf Association (BDA)
  5. Benildean Film Works (BFW)
  6. Benildean Industrial Designers (BIND)
  7. Chefs in Progress (CHIP)
  8. Computer Business Association (CBA)
  9. Export Management Society (EMS)
  10. Gamers Union for Innovation and Leadership Development (GUILD)
  11. Guild of Rising Interior Designers (GRID)
  12. Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management Society (HRIMS)
  13. Human Resource Management Society (HRMS)
  14. Leaders in Diplomacy (LEAD)
  15. Mark of Designers Alliance (MODA)
  16. Media Max (MMX)
  17. Primo.Musico
  18. Social and Academic Guild for Architecture (SAGA)
  19. Travellers in Progress (TRIP)
  20. Vateliens in Progress (VIP)
  21. World-class Hoteliers in Progress (WHIP)

Special Interests-Based Cluster

  1. Adlaw Political Party
  2. Artelier
  3. Benilde Nature Development and Outdoor Club (BUNDOC)
  4. DrawInk
  5. Nihon Bunka-bu (NBB)

Socio-Civic Based Cluster

  2. Benilde Hive (BHive)
  3. Benilde Red Cross Youth Council (BRCYC)
  4. Benildean Scholars Association (BSA)
  5. Best Buddies Benilde (BBB)
  6. Greenergy (GNY)
  7. UNICEF Benilde

SIU Recognized Student Organizations

  1. Benilde Committee on Student Involvement (BCSI)
  2. Benilde Debate Varsity (BDV)
  3. Benilde International Student Emissaries (BISE)
  4. Central Student Government (CSG)
  5. Commission on Election (COMELEC)
  6. Student Trainers (STRAINS)

Last updated: Sunday, 12 September 2021