Articles by Kara Co

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 - BLIP
The sky’s the limit with the AD ASTRA 2025 Yearbook Launch Join the festivities as we dream beyond the skies with the AD ASTRA 2025 Yearbook Launch on May 30! #ADASTRA2025 #DreamBeyondSkies
Wednesday, 27 March 2024 - BLIP
#Lamondays: Discover a home away from home at Cucina Remedios Catch a break from the hustle and bustle of Taft and sit back at Cucina Remedios to enjoy sulit home cooked meals prepared with love and service.
Friday, 22 March 2024 - BLIP
Six Benildean animators share how they translate their messages through the art of motion Pull the curtain behind the makings and inspirations of the works of six Benildean Animahenasyon finalists as they inspire us with their compelling stories and craft.
Wednesday, 6 March 2024 - BLIP
Brewing creativity: Graphika Manila 2024 promises a bright year for creatives Graphika Manila 2024, Asia’s largest creative conference, was once again lined with the creative greats, each sharing personal anecdotes and parcels of wisdom from their creative expeditions.
Wednesday, 7 February 2024 - BLIP
Recs with Context: Discover the best events Manila has to offer this year Looking to spice up your 2024? Let your wanderlust take you through a series of exciting events that are sure to be highlights of the year you wouldn’t want to miss!