Articles by Isabel Adolor

Thursday, 16 February 2023 - Platform
Navigating through China’s past and present in “Land of Big Numbers” Through the eyes of ordinary citizens, follow the path of the Red Dragon as it runs away from a tainted past and blazes its way into a globalized future in Te-Ping Chen’s debut novel.
Monday, 13 February 2023 - Platform
L1b3r7y L04d1ng… Don’t forget to check your phone.
Thursday, 26 January 2023 - PlatformLiterary
Closing Remarque’s If tomorrow is lost, what would you do?
Saturday, 14 January 2023 - Column
Lose that lingua franca Translator’s Note: Language is more than words—it is an avenue to the truth.
Friday, 28 October 2022 - PlatformLiterary
Tomorrow at The Koru The scariest part isn’t what’s at the end—it’s what comes after.