Photo By Enzo Campos
Photo By Enzo Campos.

PO.RE 2023: A display of Benildean excellence in Manila's Architecture Show

Explore reimagined spaces and exemplary design solutions crafted by Benildean Architecture students for the #PORE2023 exhibition.

By Maxine Cheung, and Isabella Magallanes | Saturday, 25 November 2023

After a three-year hiatus, the Benilde Architecture Program (BenArch)’s annual Portfolio Review (PO.RE) has returned with another milestone for the Benildean community, featuring innovative design solutions, unique perspectives, and inspirational projects that open doors to endless opportunities and possibilities. Celebrating Benilde’s 35th year, the exhibition was made possible by the Social and Academic Guild for Architecture (SAGA), the student arm of BenArch, and ran from Nov. 17 to 24 at the Design and Arts (D+A) Campus.


Breaking boundaries

Manila’s Architecture Show kicked off with the opening program on Nov. 17 at the Architecture Hall at the D+A Campus, hosted by Architecture students ID120 Arisander Oceana and ID118 Juaquin Pineda. Oceana and Pineda warmly welcomed guests to witness Benilde’s visual journey through the world of architectural innovation and creativity.


The program began with opening remarks from this school year’s SAGA President, ID121 Albert Villanueva. “PO.RE has been shaping the BenArch community since its first inception and I believe PO.RE is what sets the College [on the same level] as [other universities] on the other side of the world where the architectural culture is much more profound and complex.” He continued, “Really, PO.RE sets the precedent of our program.”


Following the opening remarks were the investiture ceremonies for this year’s SAGA executive committee as former officers officially turned over their roles and responsibilities while former SAGA president, ID119 Architecture student Justin Cua, inaugurated Villanueva with the golden T-square, SAGA’s heirloom, as a symbol of trust.


Villanueva discussed the expectations and road map for PO.RE 2023 before proudly announcing SAGA’s most recent affiliation with the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA). Now driven by one UAPSA goal—to motivate and instill discipline among architectural students and to propagate the goals and aspirations of all architects, BenArch and SAGA are ready to reach greater heights. 


Finishing off the ceremony with the event’s official ribbon-cutting ceremony led by SAGA adviser Ar. Jim Cameron and Villanueva.


Visionary spaces

In an interview with The Benildean, Cua commented on his PO.RE experience over the years, “The first time I witnessed PO.RE was in 2018 and I was a freshman, but it was a missed opportunity because I didn’t really participate. Now that PO.RE is back face-to-face, I can truly see the community gathering together.” 


As an Architecture student, Cua shared how insightful and eye-opening the exhibit has been for him, “Listening to them [and hearing] this is how they got their idea, it helps me formulate my own projects so it’s like a huge brainstorming session [for the community].”

Each unique portfolio showcased the creativity of Benildean Architecture students as they conceptualized reimagined spaces and structures. Airports, transportation terminals, and living spaces are among those that the students took to re-envisioning. The portfolios each detail the different inspirations, design considerations, and elements the students integrated into their works. Walking through the different portfolios brings a sense of wonder as these students create more efficient and pleasing solutions to modern-day problems, in the process breathing new life into what these spaces could be in the process. 


Better than before

“PO.RE is hoping to achieve two goals in mind: Strengthen the Benildean Portfolio and Make Benilde an epicenter for design thinking,” Villanueva stated when asked what they hope to achieve for Benilde’s Architecture Program and its students. By publicly showcasing works created by students, it pushes the Benildean community out there as a contender in the world of architecture. 


On the matter of next year’s PO.RE, Villanueva looks to reach greater heights, “[PO.RE] is bound to always raise the bar. How we plan for next year’s PO.RE would likely be much grander than the last,” increasing expectations for students and visitors alike.


The exhibit will be open until Nov. 30 so make sure to check it out at the D+A Campus 7th floor and 14th floor Architecture Hall. 

For non-Benildeans hoping to view the exhibit, they can register via Google Forms.

Last updated: Saturday, 25 November 2023
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