Photo Banner By Michaela Arguelles
Photo Banner By Michaela Arguelles.

Benilde sends off pioneer batch of SHS graduates

“This [Benilde Senior High School] graduation not only represents the students’ personal growth, but also the progress of the institution.” – Chancellor Benhur Ong

By Victoria Mareposque | Monday, 4 September 2023

With the theme “K-12 Graduates Molded Through a Resilient Educational Foundation,” De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde sent off its pioneer batch of 235 Senior High School (SHS) graduates on Sept. 2 at the Manila Metropolitan Theater.


To officially commence the ceremony, Benilde Chancellor Mr. Benhur Ong opened with a speech and listed a few reminders for the graduates. He first recognized the pioneering Benilde SHS graduates for holding a unique place in the College’s history.


"Success is not just achievement, but the impact you can have to the people around you,” he said.


He then shared a few pieces of advice: first, to cherish the memories they had in Benilde; second, to embrace every good opportunity; and third, to embody the Benildean Core ValuesIn closing, he offered a heartfelt congratulations and encouraged the new graduates to blaze on as they do ordinary things extraordinarily well.


The presentation of the recipients of academic and other special awards was done by the Principal of Benilde Senior High School, Mr. Jay Binueza, Vice Chancellor of Academics Mr. Angelo Lacson, and Benilde Brother President Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC. The students received their awards in the following strand order: Accountancy and Business Management, Design and Arts, General Academic and Technical Vocational and Culinary Livelihood Art.

235 candidates were presented to Br. Edmundo Fernandez FSC to formalize their graduation. This included 59 candidates from the Accountancy and Business Management strand, 127 candidates from the Arts and Design strand, 23 candidates from the General Academic strand, and 26 candidates from the Technical Vocational and Livelihoods Culinary Art program.


The graduates were led to the alumni oath-taking by Ms. Angelica Borlado, Vice President for Lasallian Formation of the Benilde Alumni Association.


Julian Velasquez, recipient of the Technical Vocational and Livelihoods Culinary Art Strand's Highest Honors and other special awards, delivered words of appreciation to their fellow graduates.


“If you told the little Julian Velasquez that he would be studying and graduating with Highest Honors in a prestigious school that accepts students wholeheartedly for who they are and allows them to express themselves, he would probably be shocked and skeptical. Is there really a school that does that?”


In a light-hearted manner, he even quipped, "Kaya siguro puro bading mga students ng Benilde,” to which the audience cheered.


Closing his speech, Velasquez encouraged the graduates to reflect on this day and draw upon the pioneering spirit they cultivated as the first Benilde Senior High School graduates when facing future challenges.


Meanwhile, Precious Nicole de Villa, who received the Accountancy and Business Management Strand's Highest Honors and other special awards, also delivered a hopeful speech. 


She recalled their batch prophecy and said, “Our future is looking very promising, and I’m looking forward to seeing the class of 2023 thrive. From now on, let’s start the change we want to see in ourselves.”

Last updated: Monday, 4 September 2023