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Apple upgrades most of its products, teases a new visionary device in WWDC 2023

Expect a newly improved MacBook Air, Apple Watch, and AirPods together with a new visionary headset.

By Driks Valencia | Monday, 12 June 2023

Tech giant Apple announced new versions of the MacBook Air, MacPro, Mac Studio, M2 chip, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS, AppleTV, and AirPods, with additional new features in iOS, plus the all new Apple Vision Pro in the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 on June 5 through YouTube livestream.


Apple just revealed a load of feature upgrades that will surely enhance user experience. Led by CEO Tim Cook, the two-hour conference highlighted key improvements in the Apple ecosystem, as well as a visionary device named the “Apple Vision Pro.”


Apple Vision Pro 


Vision Pro (2)


The star of the show, Apple introduced the Apple Vision Pro, an augmented reality headset that can be fully controlled by the eyes and hands. It banners the feature called “EyeSight” with a front-facing display while still seeing your surroundings due to the opaque visor. It has 4k resolution lenses in each eye that will surely give a clear display. Users can connect it to their Apple devices and expect a hologram-like display out of their devices. It will be powered by the newest operating system of Apple called VisionOS. Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned that Disney+ will be one of the initial apps usable in the launch of the Vision Pro. 


The Vision Pro is set to be available by 2024 at a starting price of $3,499. 


Vision Pro


15-inch MacBook Air


Screenshot (95)


Apple initiated its WWDC 2023 showcasing the new 15-inch MacBook Air featuring a 15.3-inch screen display. It is 11.5-mm thin and 3-lbs in weight, and can also withstand long usage time with 18 hours of battery life. It highlights an improved audio system with three-mic array and 6 in-built speakers. It has similar features from the 13-inch version, such as the available colors, the MagSafe charger and two thunderbolt ports, and it is powered by the M2 chip together with 24GB of memory and 2TB storage. The new MacBook Air is currently only available by pre-ordering it at Apple from $1,299.


Screenshot (94)


Mac Studio

The powerful desktop computer device, Mac Studio, also had its boost. As announced in the WWDC, it is now powered by the M2 chip, specifically the M2 Max and the new M2 Ultra. It will also have a revamped form, similar to an enlarged version of the Mac Mini. The highlight of the product is the M2 Ultra which is basically an Apple Silicon chip of two M2 Max chips stuck together. The new Mac Studio is expected to be six times faster than an Intel-based Mac, with 192GB of RAM and up to 8TB of storage. It also has an improved video bandwidth and is connectable with six Studio Displays XDR. The new Mac Studio can be pre-ordered from $1,999. 


Mac Studio


Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro can now offer more possibilities as it is now powered by Apple Silicon chips. Supported also by the M2 Ultra, expect similar performance with the new Mac Studio. It also banners high-end computer features in its eight thunderbolt ports and six fourth-generation PCIe slots. The new Mac Pro is offered at a starting price of $6,999 and can be pre-ordered online.


Screenshot (96)


iOS 17


Screenshot (98)


The anticipated iOS 17 will offer improved and new apps in (almost) everyone’s iPhones. Expect the updated communication apps where customized personalized contact posters can be seen when someone calls you. It also features a live transcript of the person speaking during voicemails. Speaking of voicemails, FaceTime will be having its version of voicemails together with the ability to leave a video message. The AirDrop will also have an additional feature called the “NameDrop” where you can share contact information with other iPhone users. NameDrop also works with Apple Watch and will utilize the personalized contact posters.


Screenshot (97)


iOS 17 will launch a journaling app called “Journal” which can set personalized suggestions with your photos, phone activities, location, music, etc. Another app will also be launched in the new version of iOS, an app called “StandBy,” an app that can work as your personal nightstand in your bedroom with a full-screen landscape display of the time. 


Screenshot (100)


Many more updates and improvements are expected in the upcoming implementation of iOS 17. The new system is expected to be applicable later this year. 


iPad OS 17

The operating system of the iPad will also have its upgrade specifically on its features and apps. The focus of the new iPad OS is to be at the same functionality with the iPhone. Expect the iPad to have a customizable home screen similar to iPhones. The iPad will have the basic widget functionality, it will also have an improved Health app that can be in sync with users’ iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple highlighted the new function of the Notes app where PDFs can already be editable in iPad. The new operating system can be used and will be available to users later this year. 


Screenshot (101)


macOS 14 Sonoma

Similar to other macOS, it is named after a California town. The new macOS will excel its parity with the iPhone as the desktop version of Apple will get widgets. The macOS will also have a new gaming mode that is designed to limit distractions. The major highlight of the macOS is the added feature in the teleconferencing applications, which is the video background remover where a cut out of the speaker can be seen inside the dynamic background display of the desktop. Together with the other updates, the macOS 14 Sonoma can be applicable later this year.


Screenshot (102)



The AirPods will also have its own upgrades as it is featured to be having an improved noise cancellation feature. The new noise cancellation feature will help users to have more awareness in their surroundings. It will have a new Adaptive Audio feature where you can adjust the noise cancellation level of the AirPods. Expect also the new update to be implied at a later date. 




Apple TV 

The Apple TV will highlight a new unique feature; it will have FaceTime and you will be reminded that your iPhone will be the mic and camera of your television. Siri will also aid users in utilizing the Apple TV as voice command prompts will be made easier. Expect the new feature to be together with other OS updates later this year. 


Screenshot (103)


WatchOS 10

Meanwhile, Apple also did upgrades on the operating system of the Apple Watch. Expect the Apple Watch to be revamped later this year as Apple improves its functionality in the latest WatchOS 10. Get ready for an updated user interface with improved widgets interface and functionality. 


Screenshot (106)


Cook concluded the WWDC giving high praises to the advancing technologies that Apple devices, specifically the Vision Pro, can provide. The newly released Vision Pro is deemed to be a revolutionary technology that can shift the way users look at technology. 


The WWDC 2023 ended with the official video advertisement of the new Apple Vision Pro.



Last updated: Monday, 12 June 2023