Cover Photo By Samuel Noel
Cover Photo By Samuel Noel.

Astrology, Benildeans, and everything in between

What’s your sign?... Ah, that makes sense now. You do seem like one—and, you remind me of this one Benildean…

By Wallace Beltran, and Renee Aguila | Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Astrology and divination have become quite popular among millennials and Gen Z. While it is believed that the movements and positions of these heavenly bodies affect the natural world around us, we noticed how some popular Benildeans might have been affected as well.


It’s a common notion in astrology that a person’s personality can be predicted using their zodiac sign. In line with zodiac signs, horoscopes are forecasts for people born under a particular sign made by astrologers. You usually see horoscopes in magazines and newspapers if they have sections devoted to them. 


The resurgence of astrology has many contributing factors such as the pandemic stress. Based on studies, 58% of Gen Z are willing to pay more for products targeted towards their personalities. Another factor to this is meme culture because of how easily astrology can be parodied with the media millennials and Gen Z consume. 


With that in mind, let’s look into the astrological signs of some notable Benildeans. Do they internally resonate with their star signs or do they coincidentally have traits that align with the heavens? That’s for you to decide once you get to know these Benildeans!


Being an Aries with Ninong Ry

When meeting an Aries, one would often expect some heat in their personality. However, the blazing traits of Aries collectively make up a burning passion for their goals, hobbies, or even loved ones. 


BS Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management alumnus and content creator Ninong Ry shows a lot of Aries passion for his cooking. Known for his carefree style and departure from structured cooking steps, his educational and comedic content draws viewers to stay hooked to his mouth-watering cooking videos. 


Meeting the Taurus in Zild Benitez

Typical Taurus people have the traits of being hard-headed, down-to-earth, tenacious, and sensual. They’re your dedicated and hardworking friends you can certainly count on. 


You’ve probably heard of AB Music Production alumnus Zild, the lead vocalist and bassist of the Filipino rock band IV of Spades. As a Benildean, he pursued Music Production in his college years. He and his bandmates may have ventured into solo endeavors at the moment, but Zild is dedicated to creating music, releasing an album each year since 2020.


Getting to know the wholesome Gemini in David Licauco

Geminis are often thought to be “two-faced,” however, there’s more to Geminis as they are friendly, perceptive, and playful. They’re even thought to be quick-witted and can juggle a variety of passions.


If you’ve watched Maria Clara at Ibarra, you’ve probably heard of the attention actor BS Business Management alumnus David Licauco is getting for his role in the series. He may play the arrogant ilustrado, Fidel, but David’s real-life personality includes his wholesome, outgoing, and adaptable traits, which brings out his Gemini side. Licauco is also quite a hands-on entrepreneur, owning various dining spots and food franchises, demonstrating his Gemini multitasking abilities. Additionally, he loves spending time with his family and is a huge animal lover. 


Cancers and their Comedy with Justin De Dios

Known to be compassionate and have a goofy side, those with Cancer as a zodiac sign are quite fun to be around. Additionally, they’re also protective of their loved ones and are extremely devoted people. 


The youngest member of the Pinoy pop group SB19 and AB Multimedia Arts alumnus Justin De Dios is highly adored by his fans. Like his Cancer trait, De Dios is humorous, with being funny as his trademark. At times, he even pulls pranks on his fellow bandmates. He’s also charming and devoted to his many crafts, such as being a dancer and a rapper. 


The big-hearted Leo in Ivy Berces

Leos are usually perceived as radiant and bold. They’re adventure seekers looking for a new journey to pursue. Plus, they’re known to be quite creative. 


You can find Leo's creativity within illustrator Ivy Berces. A recent graduate from Benilde’s Animation program in 2022, she is continuously honing her craft with her awe-inspiring art and cute animations. Berces loves to explore botany, magic realism, and the esoteric through her art. Each work she creates is a new adventure of color and story-telling that you will want to dive deep into. 


Playing as a Virgo with No Rome

Virgos just know how to get the job done. That’s it—equipped with their smarts and perseverance, they can go through almost any hurdle they face on the road to success. 


Singer and AB Music Production alum Rome Gomez, popularly known as No Rome, shows a knack for music, given that he is the first Filipino artist to ever play in the music and arts festival Coachella. His music, iconic for its upbeat and dreamlike sound, shows that No Rome had to cut his Benildean experience short of pursuing his eventual successful career in the music industry, working with people like The 1975, Charli XCX, and fellow Filipino musician Beabadoobee.


Finding the Charm in AC Soriano’s Vlogs

Charming, beautiful, and well-balanced. Libras make things aesthetically pleasing and orderly. They also desire to be in the company of others and help them too. You’ll also appreciate their warm-hearted souls as they usually hear people out and make them feel heard. 


For content creator and AB Digital Filmmaking alumnus Allan “AC” Soriano, you’ll adore his warm-hearted personality through the relatable content he makes for his audiences. Known for his character impressions and being a co-host for the popular podcast Gabi ng Bading, the creator has built a fanbase that has appreciated his impressions and made him a meme legend on TikTok. He usually makes his viewers feel heard through his comedy content, as AC used his platform to help Atty. Leni Robredo during her presidential campaign in 2022. 


The truth about Scorpios with Mimiyuuuh

There’s no one more true to themselves than a Scorpio, wherever it may come from. Their knack for leading their path makes them quite intimidating to approach, but once you get through, they’re friends to keep forever.


Scorpios like AB Fashion Design and Merchandising alum Mimiyuuuh are beaming with authenticity and positivity without losing sight of what’s important. Mimiyuuuh videos are funny, wholesome, and outright silly, iconic for their bob cut and dancing memes, without being scared to dabble into something more grounded, even outwardly supporting Atty. Leni Robredo as well in their own way.


The intellectual Sagittarius in Chef RV Manabat

Independent and undeniably knowledgeable—a few words that could describe a Sagittarius if not for being mutable, allowing them to be way more flexible. Playing with the fires of their imagination, Sagittarius tends to be quick to bore, always seeking out something new.


A Sagittarius’ grasp and creativity in the workplace are just as flavorful and fiery as BS Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management alumnus Chef RV Manabat’s culinary skills—as shown in his many popular cooking videos and through the delectable treats at Chef RV Café in Biñan City. He constantly shares his multicultural knowledge of different cuisines while expressing excitement to cook for a city jail for his birthday.


Vlog like a Capricorn with David Guison

Capricorns are down-to-earth and well-planned people. While they might seem stubborn, their commitment to a task and love for rules and boundaries sets them apart as the more logical side of the signs.


Digital content creator and AB Multimedia Arts alumnus David Guison casually creates his vlogs, showing life as it is. Sharing different parts of his lifestyle, from workout routines, shopping hauls, fashion advice, and just the day-by-day special occasion, his vlogs breathe a slice-of-life energy that’s never too much to watch.


The theatrical chameleon of an Aquarius in Nyoy Volante

Aquariuses are known to be visionaries and proud instigators of change in their communities. Constantly trying to better life or look out for a solution, they become proud leaders of social justice and strong believers in change.


Singer, television show host, “Tawag ng Tanghalan” judge, and AB Technical Theater alumnus Nyoy Volante starred in many theatrical shows and played significant roles, such as Frankie Valli from Jersey Boys in 2016 and Lola from Kinky Boots in 2017. In an interview with Inquirer, he shared how his love was originally for the backstage, only finding love for a performance recently, eventually able to capture his characters’ persona almost completely, according to The Philippine Star.


Carrying like a Pisces, as Hidilyn Diaz always does

There is strength from a Pisces that runs deep in strong intuition, wit, and creativity. While non-judgemental to most, for better or for worse, they find themselves fit with a strong mind and an ability to see further than what’s ahead.


No better example of a Benildean Pisces than the first Filipino Olympic gold medalist and BS Business Management student Hidilyn Diaz who inspired an entire nation and sparked a new scholarship for Benildean national athletes. Humble, strong, and undeniably brave, Diaz was able to withstand the weight of pressure to win and the different political accusations that were thrown at her.


No matter how much you believe in astrology, there’s no doubt how much fun it is to play around with it. Learning sign compatibilities and different technicalities, all in the name of self-discovery and harmless jokes. 


Though these Benildeans seem far from where we stand now, like the stars they represent, knowing they were once in our footsteps just keeps it from feeling too far out of reach.



Last updated: Wednesday, 22 March 2023