Screenshot Courtesy Of Pup Advertising And Public Relations
Screenshot Courtesy Of Pup Advertising And Public Relations.

Stepping up your game in the digital world with PUP’s 18th Ad Congress

Here’s a recap of PUP’s insightful #18th Ad Congress event on discovering the latest trends in digital advertising!

By Marinel Peroy | Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Fourth-year Advertising and Public Relations students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) commenced their 18th Ad Congress with the webinar “Philippine Ads, G KNB: Get to Know the Newest Blueprint in Digital Advertising,” with local and international speakers in the field of digital advertising on Feb. 4, via their official Facebook page.


Hosts Jitz Aviles and Rose Gail Conchada, Advertising and Public Relations students, warmly welcomed their audiences by introducing their school speakers, guest lecturers, and game hints on how the event will be fun-filled and exciting.


Ready? Start!

During her opening remarks, Department Chairperson Ms. Ronna Manansala expressed her gratitude to the people who already made the webinar a success, including the most-awaited lecturers, “The Department of Advertising and Public Relations is proud to support this [event] because we believe that this topic is vital to our chosen field.” 


Dean Hemmady Rona, on the other hand, emphasized in her introductory message to “enlighten our audiences, ang mga students natin on how advertising—digital advertising in particular, adapts nowadays to modernity.” Thus, Ms. Manansala’s speech concluded with an emphasis on how the digital advertising webinar is still significant given that the pandemic has shifted towards innovation.


Challenges accomplished

  • Level 1: Let’s G!: A Guide to the Concepts of Digital Advertising


“I highly encourage you to always start with audience analysis.” –Mr. Amir Tohid, co-founder and managing partner of Analytics Effect, a Digital Analytics consultancy


Mr. Tohid started his talk by explaining digital marketing’s umbrella term (i.e. Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Influencer Marketing). As technology and innovation have been evolving, he also explained that the digital age is also the age of transparency, authenticity, engagement, storytelling, and giving the emphasis on listening. This is because knowing the consumer and their needs will then result in the following: awareness, trust, purchase, and even influence.


Likewise, knowing the digital body language is the key. This part highlights knowing your AUDIENCE—which he used as an acronym for explaining Analysis, Understanding, Demographics, Interest, Environment, Needs, Customization, and Expectations. He reminded audience members  to assess, “What do they really need from your brand?” Particularly with the fast-changing pace of digital marketing.” Thus, Mr. Tohid ended his session with some case examples for audience analysis ranging from Digital Strategy Development, Content Optimization, and Audience Segmentation.


From learning the basic concepts, the next speaker tackled the possible strategies for more engagement through social media and content planning. 


  • Level 2: The Game Plan: Winning Strategies of Social Media and Content Marketing

“Always talk about numbers. Marketing is not just about [having] appealing creatives and a lot of posters on social media or videos. It’s always about the valuable content that you can offer and the metrics.”  Ms. Julianna Carisle Matias, Chief Marketing Officer for six companies in the Philippines.


Reverse Marketing founder Ms. Matias shared that we must not sell to everybody and that the target market is relevant in digital marketing. In addition to reminding them of one’s company’s brand mission or product’s uniqueness, audiences are also enlightened that the strategy can be specified either through B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer).


Furthermore, in social media and content marketing, here are some important tips that she shared: a) Have clear objectives; b) Be aware and communicate with your audience, and c) Ensure that your content is more visible. 


“Don't pressure yourself, you are unique in your own way,” she reminded the audience that not all have the same journey, for she is as young as 22 years old and thriving in her field.


Lastly, audiences were enlightened with the last speaker who shared how ads can also boost your business and increase public engagement reach with search engines such as Google.


  • Level 3: One-on-AD: The Final Search for the Concepts of Digital Ad - “Basics of SEO/SEM/Google Search"

“[Use] Google search keywords for your own blog [or website] if you’re starting. [Also,] research and practice." –  Ms. Ayvee Callao, senior SEO specialist


Ms. Callao, who also worked in Globe, explained an introduction to Search Marketing: SEO & SEM 101. The main difference between the two is that SEO (search engine optimization) has no money involved, while SEM (search engine marketing) includes paid advertisements. 


She then elaborated on the different types of SEO which includes: 

  • On-page - elements as well as content that are present on-site and pages (i.e. content optimization, header tags);
  • Off-page - strategies that are outside of one’s own website (i.e. content marketing in emails), and;
  • Technical - elements that ensure those pages are to be seen (work for web developers)


Therefore, with SEO in business, it helps to have an “SEO-optimized site” that establishes trust and authority, customer service, and brand visibility.


On the other hand, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Paid Ads are: 

  • Search ads - appear on search engine’s results page; 
  • Display ads - visible on other websites [i.e. cookie], and; 
  • Shopping ads - images with shop’s name and product reviews. As for Google, search ads’ ranking factors are filtered through a bid, ad quality, as well as ad extensions (i.e. link or price)


KNB Timeouts

In between sessions, the two-hour live stream was also filled with games along with musical performances. With “Guess the Word” and “Fill in the blanks” to heighten the fun, winners are given GCash worth of prizes. Furthermore, Valentine’s Day came early as the PUP COC Ensemble, the College of Communication’s official chorale group, serenaded their viewers with a cover of “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso.”


Giving a chill and alternative/indie vibe ala No Rome and Keshi, Filipino beatmaker BABYBLUE (Leone Requilman) performed a rendition of “Kaori” by Filipino singer-songwriter Fern.


Indeed, with new learnings from guest speakers sharing their knowledge and tips, it is true that “everything we’ve learned from today is already a win for us,” Alvarez concluded.


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