Cover Photo By Angela Asiño
Cover Photo By Angela Asiño.

Benildean Wushu queen cops two golds, rules Tai Ji Quan and Taiji events

The Philippine Wushu Team, including Benildean alumna and Wushu champion Agatha Wong, garnered a total of 12 medals in the 2021 Asian Traditional Wushu online competition.

By Anna Laganzon | Monday, 8 November 2021

Consular and Diplomatic Affairs (CDA) alumna and two-time Southeast Asian Games champion Agatha Wong, along with the Philippine Wushu team, landed fourth place with six gold and six silver medals in the 2021 Asian Traditional Wushu online competition held from Sept. 15 to Oct. 4.

Despite the difficulty of online sporting events, Wong and Thornton Quieney Lou Sayan successfully bagged two gold medals each. Wong ruled the Tai Ji Quan and Taiji weapon events while Sayan dominated Nan Quan and Nan Gun.

Meanwhile, Jones Llabres Inso secured a gold in Taiji and silver in Tai Ji Quan, while teammate Dave Degala secured the first spot in Jiu Jie Bien and the second spot in Si Lu Cha Quan.

Daniel Parantac, who finished second in both the Tai Ji Quan and Taiji weapon events, and Johnzenth Gajo, who came second in both the Quan and single weapon events, completed the medal haul for the national squad.

In the 29-nation meet's taolu (forms) competitions, the Philippine Team came fourth after garnering a total of six golds and six silvers while Hongkong placed third with 10 golds, one silver, and 2 bronze. Malaysia came in second with 11 golds and two silvers, and China was hailed the overall champion of the competition garnering a total of 13 gold medals.

Athletes for this year’s Asian Traditional Wushu event uploaded videos of their routines that were judged live online last Oct. 4.

The national team's victory in the Asian online meet is a good stimulant as they prepare for the Asian Games in China and the Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam, which will both take place in May and September respectively next year.