Cover Photo By Jacob Banog
Cover Photo By Jacob Banog.

From This Day On

‘Til death do us part.

By Joshua Lazaro, and Beatrice Quirante | Thursday, 26 August 2021

I’m going to be late for my own wedding. I muttered under my breath.


My friends showered me with sympathetic looks and short brushes on my shoulder, tearing up as they pulled me into a tight embrace. They wanted my wedding to be just as perfect as I did. Their presence seemed to lessen the restlessness I felt interlaced between my fingers, praying that everything went according to plan.


“Just go ahead, girls,” I said with a faint smile on my face, “I’ll be just fine.”


I watched them leave one by one, giving me the same soft look of endearment as they left through the door—but it was unheard of for the entourage to arrive at the same time as the guest of honor. 


The pianist we hired ran later than scheduled. In hindsight, I knew that a wedding in December only meant rushed hours and sleepless nights. But ever since I could remember, I always had that fantasy of a windy wedding with a view of the sunset. The old stone walls remind me of the classic baroque churches found in the same village as my childhood home.


I took staggered breaths, adjusting the gown my mom passed on to me, the veil tracing the chilling shivers from my head down to my shoulders. 


I never thought it would happen so soon, I muttered, facing the towering church doors that would change my life forever.


Shortly after my arrival, the church bells began to ring—the doors slowly opened towards me as a soft breeze brushed my hair to my sides. The gleaming gold light of the sunset pierced through the stained glass windows and highlighted the mosaic walls of saints and marble pillars with arcs and statues carved with Neo-Romanesque architecture. Candle-lit chandeliers and subtle ceiling lights luminated upon the seats, and every bouquet of white roses and lilies on its sides. 


It was exactly how I dreamt it.


I glanced at the altar, my eyes falling upon my future husband.


There he was—dashing, looking as amazing as the day I first fell in love with him. He wore a soft white suit, buttoned at the end of its sleeves, and neatly polished black leather shoes. His chiseled face had the sincerest smile upon it, wrinkling both sides of his eyes.


I chuckled at the sight of his expression, but after a second, I softly smiled. Reminiscing, from the moment I met him, we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into. 


As I made it halfway through the great hall, my father slowly approached me, gently taking a hold of my arm. “My sweet little princess, I never thought this day would come…” he whispered, trying to calm his shaky voice.


As we continued marching, I saw the sunset’s marigold rays align perfectly to adorn the altar. The scenery felt almost surreal—as if angels sang to fill the place with much light and wonder.


Upon reaching the crossing, my mother greeted me with a tight hug. The tears in her eyes were almost too much for me to withhold my own. She never said a word, but the emotion of her loving gaze was enough for me. I took one last look at my parents as they squeezed my hands tightly, before I finally made my way to the podium.


I stole momentary glances at Drew while we both faced the altar, waiting to see what reaction he would have next; grinning as if we were making fun of ourselves. For a second I felt as though time managed to slow down, and I was finally at peace. 


It took a minute to leave my worries to the wind as I let myself find comfort in the warm sight of my new-found home. After exhaling a deep breath, I finally took the chance to speak.


“Drew, I’m finally here with you, mahal. Thank you for being by my side despite the circumstances we’re in. From simple supportive messages, unexpected visits, to putting up with me in the moments I’ve lost all hope; you have unrelentlessly shown me what true love is...” I expressed in a fading tone almost giving in to my sentiments.


“Words can’t express how much I miss you, mahal—how much we all miss you,” I continued with a calmer tone.


“Until the end of time, you will be the only love of my life. Though the Lord took you earlier than we expected, I never regretted any minute I have spent with you, even in your last moments,” I paused. Going in closer, I took one last look at him as I placed a white rose on the side of his coffin, and blew him one last kiss.


“Until we meet again, mahal.” 

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