Cover Photo by Fritz Reyes
Cover Photo by Fritz Reyes.

FDM collaborates with DOST-PTRI in creation of PH-standard PPE prototype

With the increased demand of PPEs during this COVID-19 pandemic, Benilde FDM, in partnership with DOST, is in development of Philippine-standard prototypes through garment construction of water-repellent materials.

By Marinel Peroy | Friday, 1 May 2020

The College’s Fashion Design and Merchandising faculty and students, in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI), are set to design a Philippine-standard prototype for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

With a thread of hope on every stitch, FDM and DOST-PTRI show their help and support by designing washable jumpsuits for healthcare workers. As they create PPEs such as disposable gown sets, head and foot covers, and face shield masks, these tapestry of materials are being woven in fighting the virus.

In an online interview with The Benildean via email, FDM Chairperson Ms. Christine Benet shared that with the help of local manufacturing companies like Power Fashion Inc., they are able to create PPEs by utilizing self-reliant materials without being codependent to imported supplies.

“We began our partnership last year by coming up with a national sizing system for the Philippines. With the Pandemic, PTRI invited us to co-create the Designs for National Standard PPE’s as a long-term solution to standardize and further assure the safety of our frontliners,” Ms. Benet said. 

She also shared that as they are focusing on product development, the national standard will be set as a policy as the Philippine manufacturing companies set in creating PPEs.

By describing in three words, “unity, innovation, and generosity,” Benet added how Philippine environment-designed PPEs are mainly water-repellent through “garment construction” of cutting fabrics, sewing materials, and applying its finishing processes. 

Ultimately, with the partnership efforts of DOST, DLS-CSB, UP-PGH and Power Fashion Inc., the prototype creations for frontliners help the team of FDM faculty, who are mostly Benilde, upon taking initiative in this course of action.  

For those who would like to donate or volunteer, email for more details or check out Benilde FDM’s Facebook page here.

Furthermore, with creativity and innovation, various Benilde programs, organizations, and students are extraordinarily helping through their own platforms for this cause.

Some include:

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