Articles by Caly Bautista

Monday, 6 May 2024 - Platform
Philippine Book Festival 2024: The grassroots of cultivating homegrown literature Purpose and passion collide at the 2024 Philippine Book Festival, which warmly embraced Filipino literary talents on its second run at the World Trade Center on Apr. 25 to 28.
Monday, 8 January 2024 - Platform
Love, Remains If this love requires absolution, then let it wash away my bones. TW: Hints of sexual assault
Friday, 28 July 2023 - Platform
The Leap off Fate Even the tongues of fire could not predict tomorrow.
Wednesday, 3 May 2023 - PlatformLiterary
Skimming through the Spanish love for literature in Dia Del Libro 2023 With its emphasis on Spanish culture, the annual Dia del Libro becomes a notable celebration of literature.
Thursday, 20 April 2023 - PlatformLiterary
An ode to outcasts: Up close and personal with the “Convenience Store Woman” Belonging equates to happiness—or so we were told.