Photo By Wallace Beltran
Photo By Wallace Beltran.

Looking into the potential of “Patrons of the Arts: Spring Beginnings”

“If you haven’t felt love, I urge you to attend a PotA event, you might stay for the whole day.” - Maxine Eleanor Aguilar, Artist and ID119 AB-Photography alumna

By Wallace Beltran | Wednesday, 31 January 2024

Many artists gathered again for the second installment of Patrons of the Arts (PotA). With a mixed bag of different merchandise from classic stickers and prints to crafty necklaces and crochet goodies, PotA continues to stamp itself as a go-to convention for any art enthusiast.


Patrons of the Arts began hosting artist alleys in July 2023 in Centris, Elements in Quezon City. The success of its first and only market in 2023 eventually became the jumping point for more opportunities and events for the convention, beginning in 2024 with “Patrons of the Arts: Spring Beginnings” on Jan. 20 to 21.


More than the merchandise

With more and more markets popping up in the last year, PotA isn’t alone under the spotlight put by artists looking for a successful convention to participate in. In fact, it wouldn’t be an unfair question to ask what makes this artist alley different from the many others that began around the same time.


When you attend any PotA event or even if you’re one of the exhibitors you feel very welcomed, there’s only good vibes all around,” ID119 Photography alumna Maxine Eleanor Aguilar, better known as @maaax_mnl online, shared in an interview with The Benildean. She explained how there’s a clear sense of community and welcomeness that comes with PotA’s artist alleys, applauding their way of approachability to address feedback and concerns among exhibitors.


“Since the return of art markets since the pandemic, I’ve joined new ones last year and I’ve also experienced going on the negative in terms of sales and expenses,” she said. “I can see PotA going strong in the following years, by the way they take care of artists, you’ll really feel cared for that you don’t want the day to end,” she added, further complimenting the overall experience as an exhibitor.


Marching onto the future

Artist alleying has significantly grown in popularity, either because of a case of revenge spending by customers who were denied such experiences in the pandemic. On the other hand, well-known conventions have more events lined up like Komiket which has released their loaded schedules this 2024 with at least one artist alley event per month, except September. 


With more and more creatives aiming to bring their works from the internet to the artist alley table, Benildeans also take part in this rising trend. While Aguilar shared no experience with selling in the College before, she does share how she would love to be able to exhibit at Benilde events even as a graduate.


You can check more about Patrons of the Arts and their upcoming events such as:

  • Patrons of the Arts: Spring Blossoms on March 2 to 3
  • Patrons of the Arts Cebu on April 27 to 28
  • Patrons of the Arts: Hayop at Halaman on May 25 to 26
  • Patrons of the Arts: Summer on June 1 to 2


If there’s any piece of advice Aguilar could give to first-time artist alley exhibitors, it’s “Be confident in joining conventions and [sharing] your work because we are all weird in our own little way and someone will love our weirdness.”


“If the first convention you’re joining is PotA, don’t worry because everyone will have your back. The organizers are very approachable and the artists past and present are like the brothers, sisters, titos and titas you just haven’t met yet. Be confident. Be weird. Be yourself,” she emphasized.

Be sure to be in the know of more Patron of the Arts conventions on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Last updated: Thursday, 1 February 2024