Cover Photo By Ann Alvarez
Cover Photo By Ann Alvarez.

BPC and Ad Astra triumph in NCPO 2021 with 19 awards

The National Campus Press Olympiad (NCPO) 2021 gave these Benildean student-journalists the opportunity to transcend barriers and outmatch the competition with their skills and prowess in various aspects of campus journalism.

By Dylan Kirsten Melencion | Thursday, 1 July 2021

Benildean student-journalists triumphed in the National Campus Press Olympiad (NCPO) 2021 as the College was able to score 19 awards from different categories spanning from news writing, real-time reporting, editorial cartooning, and many more. The awarding ceremony was held last June 26 to 27 via Facebook Live. 

Spearheaded by the Best Designed Campus Papers (BDCP) of the Philippines, the NCPO is the first country-wide online journalism tournament for students in grade school, high school, and college. With the theme “Promoting Community Development through Multi-platform Campus Journalism,” NCPO held various events and competitions that put these student-journalists and artists to the test. 


The list of winning Benildean students and entries of the NCPO 2021 are as follows:

Winners (Bracket C):

Benildean Press Corps

    • Ranelle Junice Yulo - 6th Place, News Writing 
    • Beatrice Monique Mendoza - 3rd Place, News Writing
    • Cyryna Vivien Molit - 1st Place, Editorial Cartooning (Digital)
  • Anna Marie Laganzon
    • 3rd Place, Sports Writing
    • 5th Place, Pagsulat ng Isports
  • Ronyella Mae Veliyusa - 2nd Place, Sports Writing
  • Jonn Aaron Metierre - 6th Place, Digital Photojournalism (Non-mobile, SLR)
  • Darrell Rdee De La Paz - 4th Place, Science and Technology Writing
  • Chloe Mari Hufana - 4th Place, Pagsusulat ng Lathalain
  • Ma. Zophia Emmanuelle Tendido - 2nd Place, Real-Time Reporting
  • Hinaing ng mga Tahimik” (Jan Christian Dijan, Steve Justin Santos, Alfred Vincent Zarate) - 1st Place, Mobile Documentary
  • Lunduyan” (Jyllan Sydrey Bitalac, Hannah Barredo, Anne Carmina Valmeo)
    • 3rd place, Mobile Documentary
    • Special Award, Most Social Media Engagement
  • Man Eng C” (Beatrice Quirante, Chloe Mari Hufana, Hannah Regina Dayan, Joshua Paul Gaces, Isabel Adolor, Gabrielle Sabine Bacani, Nina Kiara Cudal, Francis Erika Javier
    • 3rd Place, Web Publishing
    • 2nd Place, Social Media Publishing
    • 5th Place, Digital Publishing
    • Special Award, Literary Section


Ad Astra

  • Gabrielle Alessandra Mabazza -  5th Place, Editorial Cartooning
  • Kian Jazper Quintana - 7th Place, Feature Writing 


BDCP is an award-giving organization that recognizes and acknowledges practices and excellence in visual and creative excellence of campus publications in the Philippines, particularly in layout and design. 


To learn more about their initiatives and upcoming events, visit their official Facebook page here.




Last updated: Friday, 2 July 2021