Cover Photo By Vincent Yap
Cover Photo By Vincent Yap.

Make the oceans trash-free this International Coastal Cleanup day

Restore the country’s coastlines and celebrate World Cleanup day on Sept. 17.

By Rdee De La Paz | Saturday, 17 September 2022

In line with the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) day held every Sept. 17, get to know how you can play a role in the efforts to clean coastal waters and protect aquatic life and the environment around it!


The ICC is an annual global event held every third Saturday of September. Its main goal is to clean up shorelines, rivers, and other bodies of water to show concern and raise awareness about the increasing amount of trash in the ocean. The event also determines the type and volume of waste that are collected yearly. Marine debris is made up of aquatic waste such as microplastics, glass and aluminum cans, and medical waste that are harmful to marine life, the economy, and the people that take advantage of it.


The beginning of ICC dates back to 1986 spearheaded by  Linda Maraniss and Kathy O’Hara of Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit environmental agency in the United States. Since then, it has had more than 17 million volunteers and has collected more than 157 million kilograms of waste.


For this year’s cleanup drive, ICC Philippines has postponed its public events and large cleanup drive due to the threat of COVID-19, hence cleanups will be done by small groups of fully vaccinated volunteers to ensure health and safety protocols. 


The timeframe for this year’s cleanup is also extended from August to Dec. 31, to limit the volume of volunteers and maintain physical distance. As for the data, volunteers can record the trash they collected via the Clean Swell app that is available for iOS and Android devices.


Registration for the global celebration of the International Coastal Cleanup is still open. 


For more information, check out the post for the 2022 guidelines or visit International Coastal Cleanup Philippines’s website and Facebook Page

Last updated: Sunday, 18 September 2022
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