Cover Photo By Vincent Yap
Cover Photo By Vincent Yap.

“HEADSTART 2022” officially welcomes ID 2022 SHS students to Benilde

Kickstarting their Benildean journey, the incoming batch of Senior High School students experienced their new “ohana” through a heartwarming and fun-filled orientation program. #HEADSTART2022

By Nicholas Marquez | Friday, 2 September 2022

With goals to educate, entertain, and formally welcome ID 2022 Benilde SHS students, the Center for Student Life-Student Involvement Unit (CSL-SIU) and the Benilde Senior High School (BSHS) spearheaded this year’s SHS orientation program “HEADSTART 2022.” The event was held via Zoom on Aug. 30 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Aloha everyone!

As the incoming BSHS students enter a new learning experience, “HEADSTART 2022” presented opportunities to learn more about the guidelines and policies of Benilde. Students from different strands such as the General Academic Strand (GAS), Accountancy, Business and Management Strand (ABM), Arts and Design Strand, and those under the Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) track, including the Culinary, Hospitality, and Tourism strands, were able to take a glimpse of what’s in store for them in their upcoming journey as Benildeans.

Hoping to set a light-hearted and comforting atmosphere for the event, the iconic animation film “Lilo & Stitch'' inspired the overall concept, which was translated through a vibrant summer and tropical theme, encapsulating the essence of ohana, a Hawaiian term for family.

The orientation program was hosted by ID 2021 BSHS students Ashley Claire Parumog and Judd Andrey Bitalac from the GAS and Arts and Design strand, respectively. They radiated high enthusiasm and positive energy throughout the event, which helped to excite and energize the frosh. Two Filipino Sign Language (FSL) interpreters were also present for the convenience of the incoming BSHS Deaf students.

Anticipation of a new era

The main event started with Chancellor Benhur Ong giving his opening remarks, expressing his gratitude towards the students for deciding to take SHS in Benilde. He looked forward to them grasping this opportunity to diversify and enrich their learning experiences.

"We pray that we will be equal and even surpass your expectations; and we pray that you would do your part as well. Learning goes both ways, my dear students. We hope that you will find your new home to your liking; and we are excited to continue your learning journey with us," he stated.

Next to share their sentiments and support is BSHS Principal Mr. Jay Binueza, who encouraged the students to think critically and to foster multi-positive approaches to succeed. “Let Benilde be your oasis… Benilde becomes your new ohana,” he shared.

For the program to be more engaging, multiple games were conducted to boost the students' spirits and familiarize themselves with relevant information regarding the various aspects of BSHS. Each block section was also encouraged to socialize and introduce themselves through the individual breakout rooms.

Headstart 2022 Intermission

Highlighting the exceptional talents of ID 2021 students, an intermission number by BSHS organizations Tinig and Viva Verde was presented through a vocal and dance cover of Filipino alternative rock band Eraserheads’ “Alapaap.”

Take note, ID 2022 students!

Academic Services Unit Head Ms. Rochelle Antonio explained the class schedule: Mondays to Thursdays are allotted for the school week, while Fridays are for independent studies. For those undertaking blended learning, ID 2022 students are to report on campus for face-to-face classes every Monday and Tuesday only, while Wednesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to online classes. 

Student Services Unit (SSU) Head Ms. Jenny Lyn Hernandez expounded on several services available for the students, such as the Benilde Well-Being Center (BWC) for personal and career concerns and the Center for Inclusive Education (CIE) for special learning needs. 

They are also required to meet their guidance counselor Ms. Ces Aguiling from BWC, for their initial interview in Grade 11 and their exit interview once they reach Grade 12. In addition, they shall undergo one recollection (Grade 11) and one retreat (Grade 12) as mandated by the Center for Lasallian Ministry (CLM).

Ms. Hernandez tackled the proper student attire that every BSHS student must follow. While earrings are allowed for female students, they cannot wear clothing pieces that reveal their underclothing, midsection, back, torso, and chest portions. 

Clothes with profane texts or graphics are also strictly prohibited. Sunglasses, hats, accessories for pierced body parts, jewelry, open-toe footwear such as sandals and slippers, and above-the-knee skirts and shorts are not permitted. 

The students' hairstyles must be neat, simple, and well groomed. Dyed and extreme hairstyles are prohibited and may be sanctioned to disciplinary action. For male students, the length of their haircut must not touch the collar line. 

Limitless possibilities await you!

Benilde offers several student organizations tailored to different hobbies, aiming to hone the students’ talents and skills and allow them to engage with like-minded individuals. The BSHS student organizations include the following: 

Mr. Binueza formally concluded the program by giving his closing remarks. He shared with the incoming batch of students that the faculty members are committed to supporting and guiding the students through every part of their journey. "It is you [the students] who made or rather make us what we are, and we look forward to the fresh ideas and energy you bring to our campus.” he stated. 

For inquiries, concerns, and questions regarding the Benilde Senior High School program, you may email

To all ID 2022 BSHS students, don’t forget to join the batch’s official Facebook group and follow the official Benilde Senior High School page.